SweetAlert for Rails 5.0.x

This post was tested on the following environment:

  • ruby 2.4.2
  • rails 4.2.10, 5.0.6

I wish this tutorial works in all Rails 4.x and 5.0.x versions.


gem 'sweetalert-rails' 
gem 'sweet-alert-confirm', github: 'humancopy/sweet-alert-rails-confirm' 


//= require jquery 
//= require jquery_ujs 
//= require sweetalert 
//= require sweet-alert-confirm 
//= require turbolinks 
//= require_tree . 


*= require_self 
*= require sweetalert 
*= require_tree . 

or application.scss

@import sweetalert; 

I hope it helps you.

소스 : https://github.com/luciuschoi/sweetalert_rails506  

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